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If you decide to visit the City that nEver Sleeps/Big Apple and you feel like going to the Chinatown in NYC, then do not even try to avoid Hop Kee Restaurant, authentic chinese cuisines, very low key restaurant , aging chinese waiters are still there when I visited today , same ones that served us 9 years ago when my husband first brought me there when I just arrived in the USA.

They deal with cash basis only, I guess because the staff are older and I guessed , learning to do with the cards and visas and mastercard is already irrelevant, so they deal with good old cash. It depends on how many are you or how hungry are you when you enter this unassuming restaurant but  enter with not less than a hundred bucks!

Waitttt!!! you might say for a chinese restaurant that's too much!! Listen, it's where celebrities like Conan Obrien, Bill Cosby, Boudain and so many more eat when they visit New York. You can see pictures of celebrities dining in that little chinese place.

Why would I want to travel 2 hours from south jersey to manhattan to that place? because their food is delicious! You want to try everything!!! You will see the patrons tables laden with food and it's just few of them but table is brimming with food! So then , you will say "Oh I want that too, what is that?pointing to the nearby table.

For 9 years here in the US, I  probably went there 5 times already and I am 2 hours away. Plus the traffic going into Manhattan plus as every one knows about NYC, there is no parking spot unless you pay exhorbitant fees to get into a parking garage like 15 bucks for 30 minutes , so probably, you need an hour and a half to order and eat.Or if you fast eater the an hour of parking will suffice.

Anyways, we did not want to pay 30 bucks for a parking space, so we parked a block and a half away and walked. I would rather walk to and from ,why? Because I know I will be eating a lot and need to walk it out after.

If I am but half an hour away? I would be there at least every month.

Please do not also be discouraged if the older waiters will be banging dishes infront of you, that is not rude for them, it's just nothing. Just think about the food.If the big celebrities eat there , then it must be something good and it is! If I were you? use the train.Unless you wantto spend on parking or walk few blocks, do not worry, it's all worth it.For 4 dishes of PorK Peking, Spring fried chicken, sauteed watercress,salt ang peppersquid , a soup for my stepson plus rice, I paid 81.65 bucks.And we brought a lot home from those we ordered as well! Across the chinatown, there's Little Italy where you can have Italian Ices, I bought different flavors of cannoli's!!!!



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