Roadtrip Experiences


Niagara Falls,Canada

It's my family "culture" to travel every summer,it's one of the events where my husband really prepares for.Husband will be months before physically preparing for,doing lots of weightlifting,cardio exercises etc etc.We either go inside or outside of USA.Canada was among the places we went. You can find cheap accomodations near the Falls.And you can drive to Toronto and go to chinatown then go to the chinatown foodcourt,food so cheap.Eat your lunch over there then buy extra food to bring back to your hotel.Food near the Niagara Falls are expensive.They  will tax you twice,one federal and one the provincial tax.But my advice? Look for Filipino restaurants in the area.We went to one of Pinoy resto and food is so good and not to pricey.Sorry but years ago I did not think of writing a travel blog and didn't get to write the name of the resto!