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Amish Market and Donuts

To  my Filipino readers who does not have heard the word "Amish " before, do not worry,I can give you a little bit of background what does Amish means.Amish is the term used to call people of a certain faith. There's this catholic priest dude who left his church and joined the anabaptist movement and his group were called "mennonites",then from the mennonites group,there was this Swiss bishop dude left the group and form another christian movement ,this dude is named Jacob Amman and his followers were then called "amish",oh and they started it in 1693.Ok, that's the start,now how are these amish people different?they are not so different yet somewhat different in Christian faith,they believe in Holy Trinity that's for sure,Holy Trinity means God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy ,3 in 1 like the coffee 3 in 1,that's simple,no arguments there.Yet, they live in a very strict discipline,no tv's,no internet,no electricities in their house.Because they do not want to bring "evil" into their minds and house by bringing in these form of media.I so admire them, imagine me, I left my celphone at home and realized it at work and what do u think I would do?Like most of us do,and do not even try to deny it,go back to my house and get my phone and drive so fast so I won't be late.Enough about me,let's talk "amish". Men grows beard ,men like married men (it's kinda like a wedding ring) and those over forty,beard ok?not mustache,they do not wear mustaches.And women wear long dresses with apron over their dresses and hair covered, with white cap,only in their wedding day they wear black cap then after the wedding,back to white,its a sign of modesty,ok that's that.Anything else you want to know?You can leave your comments and I will try to answer them  for you.

Donuts... two years ago,I never heard of an amish market ,until one of my patients informed me that she is going out with her son and they will go to the amish market for breakfast.I said "what market again?' Amish market ,oh they sell organic food products and other non food oragnic produtcs and they are kinda like home made because they do not have factories.Me being a foodie with a son who is a foodie,went and wallahhhhhh.... organic and non organice fruits and veggies, home made donuts and other pastries and cakes and so much food,very delicious soup.So I spent more than $200 when I first went in.Oh by the way,amish markets are open only on Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays.They do not open on Sundays for obvious reasons ,and even on Thursdays Fridays or Saturdays if these days fall on a holiday l ike Thanksgiving Days.Back to donuts,they have the best.One day ,my son made a mistake of going Facebook live when we were in one of the amish markets here in New Jersey,why mistake? yes, because my sister saw these fabulous looking donuts and 5 months prior ,she has been asking me to buy her amish donuts.So today,join me in my trip to the amish market and buy donuts! Check out pics at the next page!