Roadtrip Experiences


Travelling Through SAF Travel World Inc.


SAF  offered me 2 airlines available for dates I wanted to travel to PHILIPPINES. By the way, I always use SAF travel agency for my flights.It's a good christian family owned travel agency,located in Cherry Hill,NJ, if you want them for your travel needs,then either leave a comment underneath or google them.Staff @SAF  will find whatever ways to fly you are looking for ,local or international.And even if you will be changing your mind about your flight dates ,even  Merle had already booked them,she will readily accomodate whatever you need.Try them.And now, we are ready for the great journey. Follow me folks! It's very interesting,trust me.So by the way, between Cathay Pacific and China Airlines, with a bit if price difference, I chosed China Airlines,you will know why at  the next blog!!!! Yey,I am so excited!!!!