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Amazing Goshen Resort

Ok, one of the best experiences I had during my very recent vacation to the Philippines was when we visited Goshen Resort, a Roman themed place. It's just like you had a taste of Rome. It's not a big resort. Actually constructions were still going on, but for the life of me, there was something in that resort that as soon as I stepped in, goshh the feeling of calmness just overwhelmed me and I will know the reason later in the night. Anyways...


Together with my sister, my niece and my son with special needs, we decided to go on a whim after I saw a post from one of my relatives about her visit to this place. So as soon as I saw the post, boom, I called the resort and booked a reservation. Yes, you will need a reservation because at the entrance, the security will check if you are listed. So just 3 days before going back to the States, we went.


So from Baguio City, we took a ride via Philippine Rabbit. You can only choose a bus that will stop in Capaz, Tarlac. It's a 4-hour ride to Capaz from Baguio, so from Capaz, you either have to take a jeep or a minibus that is bound for Bamban. It will be another 10-15 minutes ride but if you don't want to miss your stop, you may ask the driver to drop you off Kanto Grotto, right by the karenderia (what we call the fast food kiosk in the provinces) where we had our lunch and also where we bought some food for dinner. From there we took a tricycle ride to the resort.


Upon arrival, you will have to find the "front desk" because it is not readily visible. Do not worry, all staff (uniformed or not) are very friendly and genuinely happy to assist you. We were able to book a room before arrival, however we were more fortunate because there were other available rooms for us to check so we ended up choosing one of the family rooms which I paid P5500 (free breakfast included). Bring cash because as of this time, they do not do any bank cards yet. They also have those dormitory type rooms in which for 8 -10 person for only 4k(we are talking Philippine pesos, ok?) Anyways, we were so impressed with our room because it has 1 masterbed, 1 queen bed, a sofa bed and extra foam mattresses. It can accommodate up to 8 persons. It also has a separate shower and toilet. And since there's a fridge, we were able to stock the cooked food we bought.


The hotel has common dining room with 2 large dining tables with a very homey atmosphere,microwave,toaster,water dispenser,all utensils you think you need are there for the patrons to use.So dinner time, we just zapped our food in the  microwave.You can order their food as well.Prices are ok.We immediately ordered their halo halo delivered to our room.Yummyyyy! Night swimming is the first order of the day...err night? And folks.... the bar is right by the pool.So,sister and I,ordered our cocktails while kids ordered their rootbeer floats.Jordan is the name of the young man who most of the time is serving in the bar by the pool.Ask for him,very nice ,polite and honest kid.Ohhh ,wait I forgot,it was Allen, the receptionist who was very patient with my kinda like "too humid" behavior  or is it my sister's?He is also very friendly and we had the chance to swap stories and he has an amazing testimony.You would be amazed as how his life story is.Anyways,gotta question?leave your comments down below.I would probably write more about ths resort.Would I recommend it?well, honestly,it's one of my reasons of going back to the Philippines,so ya!

waitt... aside from swimming in the ohh so old roman themed swimming pool,you can also do atv rides.but we will talk about it some other time.

the roman writings translated as "my love for you will last forvever", the building that is dedicated for lovers, you can propose,you can do your prenup pics,wedding etc

goshen at night

my hotel room

lakas maka roman empire

the menu

it's a resort owned by christian group "Jesus Our Victory"

i so wanted to plunge in

the pools