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more of sagada

View from the mountain top

Behind , you will see the clouds kissing the ground

Wheel brought in my Episcopalian missionaries 100 years of ago

the hanging coffins


One of the best places I  have seen so far.Cameras cannot take its real essence and therefore won’t be able to capture its captivating spirit.Well,Sagada it’s still like an old village yet modern.The center of the town is teeming with local and foreign tourist.I have met Germans, French , and other Europeans.Local tourists in groups of families and friends.One of the group I interviewed visited the place and its surrounding villages in hope of looking for their “Igorot prince charming”.For those of you wanting to visit the place,let me give u now a good tip,it’s a crime free place against tourists .The number one question I wanted to know and  asked was "how safe  is it for the tourist?".So there,feel safe about your visit.Place to stay?do not worry,you will find accomodations for very reasonable price.I have stayed in Shamrock Tavern,very nice staff,they have restaurant where you can order food with reasonable prices.Accomodations will cost you from 300 pesos to 500 pesos a head a night.We paid 400 a head and free parking right infront of the Tavern.Other accomodations does not have parking space,however,there are parking spaces with 150 pesos as 24 hour fee.If you want to travel by bus, take the CODA busline and stationed in Cubao if you will be coming from Metro Manila.Regular aircon bus will cost you 700 something pesos(approx US$12) and deluxe(means with bathroom) will costs you 900 pesos something.12 hour ride from Cubao to the center of town.Then, Sagada local govt would like you register for a fee(40pesos?a head),they want to keep tab on each tourist visiting their place.You will find the Tourist Information center right where the bus will drop you off.Then ,while at the tourist center,ask for info on how to get around the “spots” that you want to see.They will advise you to take local guides especially in going to the famous Sagada Cave.We went to the “hanging coffins” by ourselves and hired a guide to take us to the cave.Hanging coffins, cave,Blue soil,sunrise mountain among other places to see in Sagada.When we were leaving the place,right outside  the center of town, early in the morning around 5:30 am, we saw the most spectacular site I have ever seen, by the Sunrise Village, the clouds kissing the land.It’s a heart stopping experience,it’s like you are on a plane and above the clouds.You have to go and see it.


By the hanging coffins,traditional practice of the natives of sagada to hang the coffins of their dead love ones up the cliffs in the belief that deceased is nearer heaven

The center of the sagada,where you find local and foreign tourists teeming