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Moon Dog Grill Just around the corner!

Anyone who lives around South Jersey knows that excitement around here is by driving through I 295, cars would be driving fast then police will be following you .Every New Jersey driver knows that when you drive max of 10 miles after the speed limit ,then you are fine,beyond that, police car would be following you.Then another exciting thing around here in the south of New Jersey is that... the ramps and jughandlers.yep yep yep, to go to the opposite side of the road, you gotta use the ramp to go to the south direction or the north direction,you cannot just make a u turn,you gotta use the ramp or the jughanglers,after driving here for almost 9 years, I still do not get it.Okayyy,now enough about driving in New Jersey.Let's talk about hotdogs.One of my patient's daughter mentioned that they ate in this moon dog grill in the Moorestown Mall,yes people,a mall,that's where most of the New Jersey people to go to ,to spend their hard earned money and food stamps and money that is being handed to them by the government just because,let's talk about this topic some other time.Back to Moon Dog Grill,so ,the daughter of one of our patients,informed that they ate in this joint and they were so happy about the french fries because a bag of it is enough to feed both of them.So then,since my son and I go to the movies @ Regal Theather inside the Moorestown Mall which is just 5 minutes drive from my house.I decided we will try.Moondog Grill?they have all these different ways to present a hotdog.I am not a hotdog person but just so I can prove that oohs so yummy reputation,here we go.Why the name Moon Dog? Is that a kind of a dog?moon dog? so I kinda interviewed one of the staff and she gave me different reasons about the name but the only thing that my brain retained is that because of John Lennon.Ok,so then ,it's all about the hippie era.Then, story gets interesting,for me anyways.Owner is a white lady( not the ghost,but caucasian) married to a filipino guy.Both are professors at the Princeton U. Then, as I was perusing through their menu, "filipino dog"... huh?this was actually created by a filipina when a contest of creating a hotdog menu in the Philippines conducted by the owner and this particular menu won. Ok,Ok, I said,let me try it.I was sooooo excited to try a menu with the word "filipino" is being used.Guys ,it's a hotdog in a bun with rice and mangoe on top of it and paid more than 5 bucks for it.Well, at least I get to eat a filipino dog hehehheheh.However,my son ordered their Sunday Brunch Burger and i said wow! Real beef,no fillers ,no extra,very very good and their fries?it is really good.Will I go back?yes,but no more filipino dogs for me.